Brian Childress

Export PostgreSQL Database from Docker Container

If you want to export data (data and/or schema) from your Docker container, here's a simple command.

Lessons Learned from Island Living

I think about my time living on a Caribbean Island a lot, here are a few lessons I learned during that time

Puppeteer Max Timeout Error - Workaround

In this short post I'll show how to get around the common max timeout error in Puppeteer.

Return to a Scroll Position on Page Refresh

In this short article we'll take a look at a simple way to "remember" a scroll position on page refresh.

Modify Puppeteer User Agent

In this short post I'll show how to modify the Puppeteer user agent string.

Prevent Nodemon from Constantly Restarting

In this short article we'll take a look at a common issue when using Nodemon to refresh files during development.

Automating a Twitter Post with JavaScript

In this article I walk through a simple JavaScript implementation to post a tweet to Twitter.

Launching a Podcast

In this article I share why I wanted to start a podcast, launching it, and what I've learned so far.

Fuzzy Search Directory in Terminal

In this article we'll look at a simple terminal command to do a "fuzzy search" of files and folders in a directory.

Tracking a User's Social Logins in your Database

In this article I will share an approach to managing user accounts that use OpenId Connect to login with various social platforms.